Save My Solar Job

Image: Solar Rights Alliance

After months of debate surrounding the California Public Utilities Commission’s proposed changes to small-scale and rooftop solar energy rules in California, the commission has “indefinitely” delayed a vote on the matter. That means rooftop and small-scale solar are safe — for now.

The CPUC’s proposed rules for NEM 3.0 would have made rooftop solar and batteries too expensive for the average Californian. While not perfect, and we agree that revisions are needed, the existing rules have allowed more than 1 million homes, 2,000 schools, about 1,000 farms, and 300 apartment buildings to become solar-powered. 

Thousands of Californians sent messages to the CPUC demanding it keep solar and storage accessible to low and middle-income Californians. As the CPUC goes back to the drawing board, Governor Newsom must use his influence to ensure that corporate utilities don’t lock millions of Californians out of a vibrant clean energy future. Tell Governor Newsom to stand with the people of California and support clean energy resilience, affordability, and equity for all.