Congress is expected to vote (again) to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better package in the next few weeks. But some members of Congress are trying to make cuts to climate solutions, care, jobs, and justice in the final bill. Now is the time to tell our members of Congress that we need them to protect investments in climate solutions to help fight the climate crisis in California and throughout the country.

If we don’t move quickly, we’ll lose this opportunity and the possibility of comprehensive federal climate action in the United States for another generation. As we experience increasing devastation from the impacts of climate change, our environment, our planet, and people who live in frontline communities will not survive that delay. 

Many of our elected representatives have helped hold the line for investments in clean energy, childcare, and more. We need them and other members of Congress to keep fighting for the entire Build Back Better agenda and to keep climate investments front and center.

Send a letter to your members of Congress today to ensure that climate solutions are kept in the infrastructure bill! Then, share this action within your networks to keep the pressure on.