Great news, the Build Back Better Act passed the House! We have never been closer than we are right now to securing historic investments in climate solutions, including billions of dollars for California to boost clean energy and climate resilience.

Earlier in the Fall, Congress also passed the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act, otherwise known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF). The BIF is a much-needed investment in the nation’s infrastructure, but make no mistake — it is not a climate bill. From the beginning, climate champions in Congress have been clear that we need to pass the BIF and the Build Back Better Act together. This is the only way to deliver the investments in climate, care, jobs, and justice that our communities need. Our job is not done until the Build Back Better Act is signed into law.  

It’s time for the Senate to send this bill to President Biden’s desk. Send a letter to your Senators today to ensure they follow through and pass the Build Back Better Act! Then, share this action within your networks to keep the pressure on.