It’s official: Governor Newsom has survived the recall attempt. Millions of climate voters turned out in this election to reject science denial and give Newsom a chance to lead on climate. Now, it’s time for the governor to deliver on his promises.

Governor Newsom has made some important climate moves in his career, but the science demands swifter, bolder action than anything he’s proposed so far. California is feeling the devastating impacts of drought, extreme heat, and wildfires today. The state’s current goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2045 is simply too late. Climate disasters compound inequality, with low-income communities and communities of color suffering the most from fossil fuel pollution and extreme heat. 

That’s why we’re asking Governor Newsom make California carbon negative by 2030 — the most ambitious climate goal of any state in the country.

Dan Kammen and Manuel Pastor, two of the country’s leading scientists on climate change and social equity, recently wrote that carbon neutral isn’t good enough. We agree. 

By phasing out fossil fuels, investing in clean energy, and scaling up nature-based carbon sequestration, California can remove more climate pollution from the atmosphere than we emit and create thousands of good jobs in the process. Governor Newsom has already directed the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to model a pathway to carbon neutrality by 2035, ten years ahead of the state’s current goal. With the recall election behind him, Governor Newsom has a mandate to double down and deliver the kind of ambitious climate action California voters have demanded. 

Send a message today urging Governor Newsom to make California carbon negative by 2030!