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Unequal impact: The deep links between racism and climate change

Protesters march against oil pipeline in solidarity with Native People at Standing Rock in 2016 rally by John Duffy

by Beth Gardiner, Yale Environment 360 Highlights Elizabeth Yeampierre, co-chair of Climate Justice Alliance, shares the correlation between the United States’ racist past and the current climate crisis Climate movements typically center around conversation and protecting wildlife while not advocating for the protection of Black and Brown people who are directly impacted by climate change … Read more

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The Climate Movement’s silence on racism

by Emily Atkin, Heated Highlights As protests and demonstrations occur throughout the world in response to the murder of George Floyd, some environmental groups have responded in solitary while many other activists and groups have remained silent.   Groups such as the Sierra Club and white climate activists like Greta Thunberg have all spoken out in solidarity. However, … Read more

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Coronavirus is not just a health crisis — it’s an environmental justice crisis

Nick Fullerton – Richmond oil refinery fire1

 By Yvette Cabrera, Grist Highlights There are large disparities in COVID-19 deaths among people who have historically faced environmental justice issues within the US.  African-American communities have historically been disproportionately housed near sources of large pollution, particularly in the South, leading these communities to develop asthma, cancers, and other respiratory problems This life long exposure … Read more