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London’s Covid-safe commute idea: Open-air buses

Free photo - ST-Picturedesign from pixabay

by Feargus O’Sullivan, Bloomberg Highlights With the pandemic still raging and people still fearing public transportation, London is considering using their open-air double-decker tour buses as a means of everyday transport This comes as 70% of Londoners polled say that they no longer feel comfortable commuting by public transit Few tourists are in the city … Read more

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Scientists unveil a plan to prevent the next pandemic (and save nature at the same time)

by Shannon Osaka, Grist Highlights Preventing forest destruction, ending wildlife trading, and surveillance measures on emerging diseases before they spread are the tactics scientists are hoping will prevent the next pandemic, as published in the nature journal Science Forest destruction, particularly in tropical areas, causes animals to venture into human-populated areas in search of a … Read more

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In pandemic recovery efforts, polluting industries are winning big

by Beth Gardiner, Yale Environment 360 Highlights Polluting industries such as airlines and fossil fuel companies have been lobbying for bailout funds and loosening of environmental regulations during the COVID-19 crisis Bailouts and lack of environmental regulations will create a  high-carbon legacy that will last much longer than the current pandemic Since the pandemic, U.S. … Read more