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Corporate clean energy buying leapt 44% in 2019, sets new record

Solar Panel Power Generation. by mrganso found on https://www.needpix.com/photo/1123513/photovoltaic-system-solar-solar-energy-solar-panel-photovoltaic-renewable-energy-revolution-power-generation-solar-field

by BloombergNEF Highlights: Corporations bought a record amount of clean energy through power purchase agreements, or PPAs, in 2019, up more than 40% from the previous year’s record. The majority of this purchasing occurred in the United States. BloombergNEF’s 2020 Corporate Energy Market Outlook found that approximately 19.5GW of clean energy contracts were signed by … Read more

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‘Green Swan’ climate event could trigger global financial crisis, BIS warns

Green Swan

by Jana Randow, Bloomberg Green, January 20, 2020 Highlights: Climate change threatens to provoke “green swan” events that could trigger a systemic financial crisis unless authorities act against such risks, according to the Bank for International Settlements Many central banks already contribute to the effort by monitoring climate-related risks through stress tests, incorporating environmental, social … Read more

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Investment funds with high sustainability ratings outperform S&P 500: Barron’s

Investing Money Sustainably

by Jennifer Nastu, Environmental Leader, January 20, 2020 Highlights: A report published last summer from Ethical Markets showed an upward trend in private “green” investments worldwide and claimed these investments equal a cumulative $10.387 trillion as of 2019 68 out of the 153 active ESG managed US stocks didn’t make Barron’s list of the most … Read more

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How to make carbon pricing palatable to air travelers

University of British Columbia & EDF; read full article at ScienceDaily Travelers are willing to pay a little more for flights if they know the extra money will be used to address carbon emissions, per new study  How those fees are presented at the time of ticket purchase is the key to consumer acceptance. People … Read more