The results are In! Show us the numbers!

We live in the age of fit-bits and health apps that give us instant feedback on step-counts and calories. So why not carbon footprints? How about connecting the dots between self-care, the health of our planet and the power of collective, measurable climate actions? At ECO2school, we closely consider the impact of our transportation choices […]

Center’s World Changers scholars engage peers for impact

Meet the World Changers: The Climate Center’s ECO2school’s Youth Leadership Development program provides climate leadership training for Sonoma County’s high school youth. The upcoming generation have been brought up in an unsustainable high-energy-consumption lifestyle. They need a pathway away from dirty energy consumption and toward a positive future. Through our ECO2school Program, the Center supports […]

YES Conference Empowers Youth Climate Activists and Inspires Hope

by Niki Woodard and Amy Jolly, CCP  |  February 10, 2016   Maddy from Sonoma Valley High School: “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”    Twenty-three students from Sonoma County attended the Youth for Environment and Sustainability (YES) Conference on January 30 at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. […]

ECO2school Inspires Korean Climate Action

by Niki Woodard & Amy Jolly  |  February 10, 2016 Korean educator Dr. Choi of Gwangju National University of Education wants to see Korean youth more engaged in the fight against climate change. In searching the internet for strategies and activities to engage youth in climate action, he found The Climate Center’s ECO2school program. According […]

Youth leaders converge to share climate solutions

by Amy Jolly, CCP  |  Nov. 24, 2015 The The Climate Center’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) convened more than 50 students from across Sonoma County for the Green Teen Gathering on November 11, 2015. Green Teen is completely organized and facilitated by high school students participating in YAB, with mentorship provided by the Center for […]

CCP Welcomes New Program Coordinator, Alina Huff

by Amy Jolly, CCP  |  Nov. 9, 2015  The Center for Climate Protection is pleased to announce the hiring of Alina Huff as the new Program Coordinator for ECO2school. Alina has a background in environmental science, education, organic farming, and ethnobotany, and has a passion for community, nature, education, and botany. She spent a year […]

ECO2school Delivers on Teen Engagement at NAAEE Conference

by Paola Alvarado, CCP  | November 6, 2015 [Amy Jolly,  Shivani Kumar, and Paola Alvarado] Sunny San Diego hosted the 44th North American Association of Environmental Educators Conference, bringing together educators from all over the world to share best practices and innovative approaches to teaching about climate, environment and sustainability. The NAAEE conference inspired great […]

The Climate Center welcomes new interns

by Amy Jolly, The Climate Center  |  Nov. 6, 2015 The Climate Center is happy to introduce our team of interns for the fall. Daniel Settlemyer is a senior at Sonoma State University, studying Energy Management and Design. He is working on a variety of projects at CCP, including research on feasible locations for photovoltaic […]

International Walk and Roll to School Day a big success

 by Amy Jolly, The Climate Center  |  Nov. 5, 2015 On October 7, students across Sonoma County left their cars in the driveway and took to the streets using active or alternative transportation for International Walk and Roll to School Day. In Sonoma County, more than 10,000 students participated, of which 1,445 were high school students […]

ECO2school Receives New Grant

by Amy Jolly  |  September 1, 2015 ECO2school, the Center for Climate Protection’s award-winning youth leadership program for high school students, is excited to begin a partnership with the Department of Health Services for their Safe Routes to School program. Funding is through CalTrans with Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality monies. Students in Sonoma County […]