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CCP Welcomes New Program Coordinator, Alina Huff

by Amy Jolly, CCP  |  Nov. 9, 2015 

The Center for Climate
Protection is pleased to announce the hiring of Alina Huff as the new Program
Coordinator for ECO2school.

Alina has a background in environmental
science, education, organic farming, and ethnobotany, and has a passion for
community, nature, education, and botany. She spent a year living in South
Africa, working on ways to integrate classrooms in a post apartheid country,
educating about climate change, and working on other rehabilitation
projects.  A graduate of Sonoma State’s
Environmental Studies and Planning Program, she has a long history of
environmental education and community activism. She looks forward to being at
part of the ECO2school team and further developing “an uplifting
environment where young people are invested in the land they live on and to
explore it and tend to it.”  

Alina will be replacing Paola
Alvarado. Over the past two years, Paola has been an inspiration for teens
across Sonoma County. She has been guiding and facilitating their growth as climate
leaders. Though Paola relocates to sunny San Diego, her footprint on our
organization and the community will not fade. Paola has exemplified the
qualities of passion, creative problem solving, and flexible thinking that have
enabled the program to flourish.

As much as we will miss Paola,
we welcome Alina in the next chapter of ECO2school and look forward
to the fresh perspective and enthusiasm she brings.