To weather the worsening drought, California needs healthy soils

By Ellie Cohen, The Climate Center, and Torri Estrada, Carbon Cycle Institute This opinion piece was originally published on February 11, 2021 in CalMatters. California is in the early stages of a severe multi-decadal drought, exacerbated by the climate crisis. As Dan Walters pointed out in his recent op ed, we must move quickly to prepare for water shortages and … Read more

Historic ‘megadrought’ underway in California, American West, new study finds

By Paul Rogers, The Mercury News Highlights Nine Western US states have been experiencing an extended mass drought, called a “megadrought.”  Scientists studied over 30,000 tree rings to determine the amount of rainfall and soil moisture over the centuries. The West’s last extended drought period was between 1576 and 1603 and the 20th century was … Read more

Climate change increasing fire weather days in California; emissions reductions can reverse this

from Environmental Research Letters Highlights As the state gets warmer every year due to the effects of climate change, California’s wildfire season is being fueled by offshore winds, dry vegetation, and drought. These fires result in public health risks from smoke and can result in long term energy shutoffs.  Fire Causes Human exposure and vulnerability … Read more