AB 585: Protect communities from extreme heat

On August 26, 2021, AB 585 stalled in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

In California, extreme heat disasters are a year-round concern. Temperatures are steadily rising, and heat waves are lasting longer. Extreme heat is climate change’s most life-threatening impact and it disproportionately affects historically marginalized Black, Latinx, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities. It is a silent killer whose fatalities outnumber hurricanes, wildfires, and flooding combined. In a ten-day California heat wave in 2006, more than 650 people died due to heat-related conditions.

AB 585 would have initiated a statewide, integrated program on heat to assist communities in developing solutions that fit their local needs. The longer we wait to act on extreme heat, the more difficult it becomes to respond effectively and protect human life. The Climate Center remains committed to championing legislation that protects vulnerable communities from climate extremes and delivers a thriving, healthy, climate-safe future for all Californians.