Annadel State Park by Stacey Meinzen

Urge your representatives to support AB 284, Climate Goal for Natural and Working Lands, by Assemblymember Robert Rivas. The health of California’s natural and working lands are linked directly to the health of our climate and communities. The priority California places on stewarding and conserving these lands will determine how well we fight climate change and prepare for climate impacts.

California’s lands can play a critical role in capturing and storing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change and its impacts. The decisions we make today will determine if our wetlands, rangelands, farms, forests, and urban green spaces become an asset or a liability in the fight against climate change. Absent any interventions the State’s natural and working lands are at risk of becoming an increasing source of emissions due to fire and deterioration of these ecosystems.

Natural and working lands are the State’s only resource that is immediately available to naturally remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Investments in these lands now will provide climate benefits long into the future. AB 284 establishes a pathway forward to accomplish ambitious climate goals by implementing practices that reduce carbon while supporting natural and working lands.

In addition to climate benefits, investment in nature-based climate strategies will provide increases in groundwater, clean air, biodiversity, flood protection, and resiliency to drought, extreme heat and fires. Urge your representatives to support of AB 284 today.