Reports and Testimony

Reports and testimony produced by The Climate Center 2003-2021


Carbon Capture and Storage Policy Position, March 2022

Setting an Ambitious Sequestration Goal for California’s Working Lands: Analysis and Recommendations for Net-Negative Emissions by 2030


Should California Support Forest-Sourced Bioenergy? Considerations for Wildfire, Climate, and Environmental Justice

Jobs and climate action in California

Bay Area Greenhouse Gas Trends Report 2014–2019

A note about consumption-based emissions reporting


Achieving Emissions Reductions at Speed and Scale: Community-Scale Climate Action Planning (CAP) Best Practices and Impact Analysis by Katie Abrams

Sonoma County Greenhouse gas report for 2016, by Ken Wells, Consultant, Guiding Sustainability
Supporting excel file

A Survey on Global Activity to Phase Out Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles by Isabella Burch and Jock Gilchrist


State of solar energy in Sonoma County: Paths to accelerate adoption, prepared for The Climate Center by Chris Cone Consulting

Beyond Combustion, Electric vehicle trends, goals and recommendations for Sonoma County by Doron Amiran of The Climate Center

Community Choice Energy: What is the Economic Impact of Local Renewable Power Purchasing? A San Joaquin Valley California Case Study, prepared for The Climate Center by Ben Foster, Fosterra Clean Energy Consulting

Community Choice Energy Programs in California: Greenhouse Gas and Customer Cost Savings and underpinning CCE GHG and Cost Impact Forecast Spreadsheet prepared for The Climate Center by Ken Wells, Guiding Sustainability

Community Choice Aggregation Expansion in California and its Relation to Investor Owned Utility Procurement with underpinning CCA/IOU Load Data Spreadsheet, prepared for The Climate Center by June Brashares and Tyler Bonson


Community Choice Energy: What Is the Local Economic Impact? prepared by The Climate Center and Fosterra
San José, California, Case Study

Capturing Local Economic Benefits from Renewables:  Recommendations for Community Choice Energy Leaders prepared by The Climate Center


Electric Vehicles in Sonoma County: A White Paper on EV Status and Paths to AdoptionGHG chart 072815

Sonoma County Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report for 2014, by Dave Erickson and Ann Hancock


Planning Concepts for Sonoma Clean Power’s Local Energy Resources Development, by Woody Hastings.

Proven and Promising Climate Measures From U.S. Communities for Possible Application in Sonoma County


Comments on the Development of an Investment Plan for the Auction Proceeds, Sacramento, Ann Hancock

Renewable-­Based Energy Secure Community Sonoma County, prepared by The Climate Center for the California Energy Commission


Sonoma County Greenhouse Gas Report for 2011, Alex Dolginow and Ann Hancock

Comments to CPUC on Carbon Allowance Revenue, Barry Vesser


Alternatives Analysis: Electricity from Renewable Sources for Sonoma County, Paul Fenn, Dave Erickson, Michael Freehling

Status report for Sonoma County – 2010, Dave Erickson and Ann Hancock

Greenhouse gas emission tracking in Sonoma County, Dave Erickson and Ann Hancock

Appendix E – Developing A Community Protocol for Sonoma County, ICLEI

Appendix F – Draft Regional Inventory Guidance, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Status report for Sonoma County – 2009 , Dave Erickson and Ann Hancock

Napa County Greenhouse Gas Emissions report

2008ccap-pagehead 300x140

Community Climate Action Plan, Ann Hancock and a cast of thousands

Status report for Sonoma County – 2008, Dave Erickson and Ann Hancock

City of Sonoma, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Action Plan Analysis, MSI Integrated Solutions (under the direction of the Climate Protection Campaign)


Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Use and Emissions Reduction Potential, Dave Erickson (prepared for Sonoma County Water Agency)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Water Supply Operations: Current Inventory and Potential Reductions, John Rosenblum, Ph.D., Rosenblum Environmental Engineering

City of Rohnert Park Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Action Plan Analysis, Sam Pierce

City of St. Helena Greenhouse Gas Emissions – 2000 Inventory, Sam Pierce

Greenhouse Gas Emission Measurement in the Transportation Sector: Status, Problems and Possible Solutions, Jehan Sparks

Status report for Bay Area, Dave Erickson and Ann Hancock

Status report for Sonoma County – 2007, Dave Erickson and Ann Hancock


Status report for Sonoma County, Dave Erickson and Ann Hancock

Local Energy Efficiency Program Efficiency Program Workbook, Navigant Consulting (Campaign was contributor)


Report on the Integration of Air Quality Management and Climate Protection, Ann Hancock and Mike Sandler

Local Actions to Address Climate Change (“White paper”), Dave Erickson et. al.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory for all sectors of Sonoma County, California, Ann Hancock, Mike Sandler


Summary Report, Greenhouse Gas Inventory Project, Ann Hancock

Electricity and Natural Gas Report, Edward C. Myers

Water and Wastewater Report, John Rosenblum

Methodology Supplement to the Water and Wastewater Report, John Rosenblum

Fleets Report, Simon Wooley

Employee Commutes Report, Dave Erickson

Solid Waste Report, Edward C. Myers

High Performance Climate Protection, Edwin Orrett

County of Sonoma GHG Analysis

City of Santa Rosa GHG Inventory Report