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Community Choice Energy, formally known as Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources in the electricity sector.

The Climate Center has worked since 2005 to establish CCAs throughout California. We continue to focus proactively on establishing Community Choice in the Central Valley, where the environmental, social, and economic impacts of a fossil fuel use are most acute.

CCAs are local, not-for-profit, public agencies that provide electricity service – and much more –  to residents and businesses. Given that they are local, with decision-making meetings open to the public, CCAs enhance energy democracy by including the communities they serve in decision-making and by generally being more accessible and accountable to the local community.

Community Choice introduces competition and consumer choice into the electricity sector with a focus on local, renewable energy to stimulate rapid innovations in clean energy systems. As not-for-profit agencies, CCAs are not beholden to multi-million dollar CEO salaries or shareholder returns, but rather to stable, competitive pricing for consumers and increasingly resilient, clean, and local energy systems. According to CalCCA, to date, CCAs in California have contracted for over 3,800 Megawatts (MW) of clean generation capacity, and supported thousands of jobs.

Powerful Impacts for Community Choice:

  • Celebrating twelve years of Community Choice service in 2022
  • 24 operational CCAs in more than 200 California cities and about half the counties in the state as of Summer 2022
  • Serving ~15 million+ people in California
  • Supporting thousands of jobs in California
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars made available for reinvestment in local communities.
  • ~10,000+ megawatts (10 gigawatts) of new renewable energy capacity
  • Over 2600 megawatt-hours of new energy storage
  • Dozens of new innovative programs for customers
  • ~940,000+ metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions avoided per year.

Source: CalCCA

New California resources serving Community Choice customers

Image from CalCCA

The Growth of Community Choice:

In 2005, The Climate Center’s analysis found that Community Choice Aggregation was the most powerful, cost-effective solution under local control for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Now CCAs are exceeding even optimistic projections for emission reductions, rates, enrollment levels, revenue generation, and perhaps most importantly, offering innovative programs that respond to community needs. Below is an interactive map that provides up-to-date information on CCA eligibility and development status in all 58 counties and all 482 cities in California. Click into. county for that county’s data and a drop-down menu of the cities in that county.



Interview with Destiny Rodriguez on Community Choice Energy’s potential in the Central Valley:

UOP now has solar carports in eight parking lots. -By Davis Harper


The Role of Community Choice Aggregators in Advancing Clean Energy Transitions, UCLA Luskin Center, October 2020

Building a Just Energy Future: A Framework For Community Choice Aggregators to Power Equity and Democracy in California, California Environmental Justice Alliance, 2020

To help you stay apprised of developments in Community Choice, we have established several ongoing or regularly updated services.

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Interactive Map: We have developed an interactive map, mentioned above, that presents information, updated weekly, for all 58 counties and all 482 cities in the state of California, about the availability or status of Community Choice in each city or county. Visit that map here:

To learn more about the basics of Community Choice, visit the “Community Choice 101” page.