Keep tabs on climate and energy legislation in California and urge your representatives to take action for a climate-safe future.

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Activists line up to participate in the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice march as part of a global day of action to demand our elected leaders commit to no new fossil fuels and a just and fair transition to 100% renewable energy.

The Climate Center’s Bill Tracker helps you stay on top of the climate bills that are in front of the California legislature — and take action. The tracker includes a curated list of bills addressing energy, climate justice, transportation, adaptation, resilience, sequestration, and other issues related to the climate crisis. To review all bills in … Read more

Sponsored by The Climate Center

SB 233 (Skinner) The Bidirectional EV Charging Act of 2023

SB 233, introduced by Senator Nancy Skinner and sponsored by The Climate Center, aims to unlock the potential for California’s millions of electric vehicles to power homes during outages, lower energy bills for Californians, and make the whole electricity grid more reliable. The bill will require most new electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle supply … Read more

Sponsored by The Climate Center

SB 12 (Stern) Accelerated greenhouse gas emission targets

It's Time to Cut Carbon

SB 12, introduced by Senator Henry Stern and sponsored by The Climate Center, requires California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, accelerating the state’s current statutory goal of 40 percent reductions by 2030. California’s current goal to reduce emissions by 40 percent by 2030 puts us … Read more

Opposed by The Climate Center

SB 1101: Carbon sequestration – Geologic Carbon Sequestration Group

SB 1101 (Caballero) Would require the Air Resources Board to establish a Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Program to accelerate the development of new technologies to capture and sequester carbon dioxide emissions from industrial and commercial facilities. It further specifies that free “pore space” (the tiny but cumulatively voluminous spaces underground between soil or mineral grains) … Read more

Opposed by The Climate Center

AB 2667: Distributed energy resources – incentives

AB 2667 (Friedman) Until recently this was a bill that The Climate Center supported. It was hijacked by the utilities and is now a bad bill. They inserted harmful amendments that would deter communities and customers from building their own clean microgrids. The amendment language would set a terrible precedent and harm efforts by local governments … Read more

Supported by The Climate Center

SB 1482: Building standards – electric vehicle charging infrastructure

SB 1482 (Allen) Would require mandatory new building standards for the installation of EV charging infrastructure for parking spaces in multifamily dwellings to include specific technical and signage requirements. STATUS: APPROVED in both houses August 31; Returned by the Governor without his signature.

Supported by The Climate Center

SCR 53: Climate change

SCR 53 (McGuire, et al) – Declares that a climate emergency threatens the state, the nation, the planet, the natural world, and all of humanity. Read The Climate Center’s SUPPORT LETTER. STATUS: “Chaptered by Secretary of State. Res. Chapter 119, Statutes of 2022.”

SB 1382: Clean Cars 4 All Program – zero emissions vehicle exemption

SB 1382 (Gonzalez/Becker) Would require the implementing regulations for the Clean Cars 4 All Program to additionally ensure that the state air resources board coordinates with local air districts and local nonprofit and community organizations to identify barriers to accessing the Clean Cars 4 All Program and to develop outreach protocols and metrics to assess the … Read more

SB 1322: Petroleum pricing

SB 1322 (Allen) Requires operators of refineries in the state to report to the California Energy Commission the volume of crude oil refined into gasoline in the prior month, the average price paid for each barrel of crude oil that is refined into gasoline in the prior month, and the gross and net refining margins per … Read more

Supported by The Climate Center

SB 1251: Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development – Zero-Emission Vehicle Equity Advocate

SB 1251 (Gonzalez) This bill would establish the Office of the Zero-Emission Vehicle Equity Advocate in the Governor’s office to steer the development of a shared, cross-agency definition of equity, and to set an equity agenda for the deployment of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles, the supporting infrastructure, and workforce development. Read the author’s factsheet. Read … Read more

SB 1230: Zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicle incentive programs

SB 1230 (Limón) Aimed at simplifying the application process for zero-emission and near-zero emission vehicle incentive programs. Read the author’s factsheet. STATUS: APPROVED in both houses as of August 30. SIGNED by the Governor on September 16.

SB 1205: Water rights

SB 1205 (Allen) SB 1205 will mandate the development of regulations that govern climate change considerations in water availability analyses for water rights permits. STATUS: Approved in both houses August 31. SIGNED by the Governor on September 16.

SB 1203: Net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases – state agency operations

SB 1203 (Becker) Would require that state agencies “aim” to achieve zero net emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from their operations no later than January 1, 2035. Read the author’s factsheet. STATUS: APPROVED in both houses as of August 30. SIGNED by the Governor on September 16.