SB 56 (Skinner) Load-serving entity integrated resource plans

Wind technicians with clipboard
Wind technicians with clipboard. Image by canva

Existing law requires the California Public Utilities Commission to adopt a process for each load-serving entity (LSE), defined to include the big utilities and CCAs, to file an integrated resource plan (IRP) and a schedule for periodic updates to the plan to ensure that it meets the state’s targets for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and the requirement to procure at least 60% of its electricity from eligible renewable energy resources by December 31, 2030. Existing law additionally requires the IRP to contribute to a diverse and balanced portfolio of resources needed to ensure a reliable supply of electricity that provides optimal integration of renewable energy resources in a cost-effective manner, meets the state’s targets for reducing GHGs, and prevents cost shifting among LSEs.

This bill is a spot bill that currently makes non-substantive changes to the code section in question.

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