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SB 49 (Becker) Incentives for solar canopies and transportation strategic plan

UOP now has solar carports in eight parking lots. -By Davis Harper
University of the Pacific solar carports in parking lots. Image by Davis Harper

Existing law vests the Department of Transportation (CalTrans) with full possession and control of all state highways and all property and rights in property acquired for state highway purposes. Existing law authorizes CalTrans to lease, for up to 99 years, areas above or below state highways to public or private entities. Existing law also authorizes CalTrans to issue certain permits for a state highway’s right-of-way necessary for telegraph, telephone, or electrical lines or of any ditches, pipes, drains, sewers, or underground structures, unless otherwise provided in the instrument conveying title.

This bill would require CalTrans, in coordination with the California Energy Commission and the Public Utilities Commission, to develop a strategic plan to lease and license CalTrans-owned rights-of-way to public utilities or other entities to build and operate renewable energy generation facilities, energy storage facilities connected to renewable energy generation facilities, and electrical transmission facilities.

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