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Climate voters showed up for Governor Newsom, now it’s time for him to show up for us

State of the State Protest in Sacramento
Last Chance Alliance activists hold a rally outside Governor Newsom’s State of the State address to highlight the environmental and public health threats posed by California’s oil industry. Activists and community members living on the frontlines of oil production held banners and chanted their demands to underscore the urgency of the climate crisis. The Alliance is comprised of more than 700 environmental, health, justice, faith, labor, community, parent, and consumer organizations.

It’s official: Governor Newsom has survived the recall attempt. 

Climate voters mobilized by the millions in this election. When we cast our ballots, we voted for action to address the wildfires, toxic smoke, drought, and intense heat waves that have wreaked havoc across California this summer. With the recall behind him, it’s up to Governor Newsom to deliver.

We showed up for the governor, now it’s time for him to show up for our communities. Send a message to Governor Newsom today urging him to embrace the most ambitious climate goal of any state in the country.

Californians spoke loud and clear in this election: we want a climate champion in the governor’s office. Governor Newsom has made some important moves on climate already in his career — such as banning the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035 — but he’s also left a lot on the table. As we face “code red for humanity,” we must accelerate the transition to a climate-safe future for everyone.

To truly restore California’s leadership on climate, Governor Newsom should immediately announce plans to:

🛢️ Phase out fossil fuels and prohibit new oil and gas projects;
🏙️ Invest in resilient communities for all Californians;
🌱 Scale up solutions to store carbon in soils and habitats; and
🔓 Unlock the billions of dollars needed each year to support climate action.


Together, these actions can put California on the path to becoming carbon negative by 2030 while creating thousands of good jobs.

I’m so relieved to know that California won’t be swearing in a climate denier as governor next year. But just understanding the science isn’t enough — Governor Newsom needs to act. The California legislature has already adjourned for the year. That means all eyes are on Governor Newsom to lead the way for bold, equitable climate action. Please join me in making sure he keeps his promises to act on climate and stand up to the oil and gas industry.