Managing the Transition Away From Fossil Fuels. What Is Required?

The Climate Registry Pavilion, Expo City, Dubai

California and a few other climate-leading states and countries have made initial progress reducing demand for oil — for example through deploying electric vehicles — but have done very little on the supply side. The International Energy Agency tells us that staying below 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming is incompatible with any new oil and gas production, but the United States, California, and countries around the world continue to expand drilling. 

National and state governments need detailed plans for transitioning away from fossil fuels, with objectives and milestones phased in to reduce price shocks, limit impacts on low-income communities, and avoid layoffs, while helping workers retrain and move into new, high-paying jobs. Implementing such plans will require a coordinated effort between multiple agencies with leadership and accountability at the cabinet level. California has some pieces in place, but no comprehensive plan. This panel discussed what is working and what is still needed to launch a comprehensive fossil fuel phaseout from several different state-level perspectives. 

This event was co-organized with The Climate Registry.

Directions to the Event: The Climate Registry’s Pathways to 1.5 Pavilion is located in Thematic Arena 3, Zone B7, Building 88 in the Blue Zone.