Webinar: Batteries on Wheels

The energy storage industry is booming. Mobile batteries, including electric cars and buses, are an important part of the strategy to ensure the safety and reliability of a carbon-free electric grid. California’s century-old system is failing with public safety power shutoffs and rolling blackouts, and vulnerable to increasing climate extremes. However, automakers and charging infrastructure manufacturers are already planning for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology which could be used by utilities to minimize power outages and to prevent curtailing new solar as the state faces “too much solar” at peak times. We must also engage skilled labor in the implementation of mobile storage, and prioritize accessibility for lower-income communities and communities of color.

Erika Myers, Global Senior Manager of Electric Vehicles at the World Resources Institute, and Kurt Johnson, Community Energy Resilience Director at The Climate Center, discussed how mobile battery storage can help meet the challenges of today, and what policymakers and regulators must do to ensure that mobile storage reaches its potential for a resilient, equitable, and climate-safe future.

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