During this time of global awareness, it might seem challenging to take time out to have an impact on the health of the world around us. The air is clearer than ever, and we should be staying home, right? Well the good news is that there is still much you can do to help support your surroundings, and we’ve got some ways you can help.

This year, instead of doing an in-person event, we are celebrating Earth Day Fresno online on Zoom and livestreaming on Facebook on April 22, 2021 from 10:00am – 3:30pm. We’ve conducted a survey of our network and found that many of them are being hurt by the impact of this pandemic. These include nonprofits and advocacy groups who fight tirelessly for our environmental concerns. So we’ve decided to show them some love on Earth Day, sharing a bit about each organization all day long and highlighting their causes, and current needs under this pandemic.

We’ll also share fun ways to support the environment while you’re sheltering at home! We usually celebrate Earth Day as a fun, free, volunteer-run, all-ages event in the park, so we thought it would be nice to share some fun earth-friendly activities throughout the day too.

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Past Earth Day:

Earth Day Fresno 2020 Presented by California State University of Fresno’s Sustainability Club & The Climate Center – April 22, 2020


Contact Destiny Rodriguez at destiny@theclimatecenter.org

Visit The Climate Center’s Community Choice in the Central Valley page to learn more about our work in Fresno.