SB 726 for clean, low-carbon transportation

Update September 7, 2021: SB 726 has been parked on the Assembly floor and is expected to be taken up again next year. 

SB 726 will modernize the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program (CTP), incorporating the latest state environmental goals and better reflecting recent technological developments and market trends in the clean transportation industry.

The Clean Transportation Program, first established in 2007, invests approximately $100 million per year in the research, development, and deployment of clean vehicle and infrastructure fuels and technologies. This landmark program has been a critical economic engine that has helped jumpstart the clean fuels industry by investing in: more than 11,000 electric-vehicle chargers, 62 public hydrogen stations, and 131 alternate fuel stations, as well as more than 10,000 clean vehicles, 17,000 workforce trainees, and countless advanced vehicle demonstration projects.  

However, since the program was established, not only has the state set new climate goals, but clean vehicle and fuel technology has evolved. These goals are not yet incorporated into the CTP; doing so would help better align the program and focus its investments in technologies that will help achieve these targets.