Decades of pipeline spills, refinery explosions, and drilling accidents across California make it clear: there is no safe way to extract or transport dirty fossil fuels. Governor Newsom can put a stop to this. Use the talking points on this page to call the governor’s office and urge him to stop issuing permits for oil and gas infrastructure!

Fossil fuels are the number one contributor to the climate crisis and a huge threat to public health. Despite Governor Newsom stating last year that we are in a “climate damn emergency,” he has issued more than 9,000 permits for new oil and gas projects since he took office. 

Big disasters like the recent oil spill off the coast of Southern California garner national headlines, but fossil fuels harm Californians every day, especially in lower-income communities and communities of color. Residents in places like Fresno, Richmond, South and East Los Angeles, and Kern County are exposed to hazardous air pollution from drilling and refining. More than 7 million people across the state live within one mile of an active oil or gas well, putting them at increased risk of respiratory diseases, birth complications, and more. For our climate and our communities, it’s time to end the era of oil and gas.