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The Arctic’s thawing ground is releasing a shocking amount of dangerous gases

by Craig Welch, National Geographic Highlights: Abrupt thaw, the accelerated melting of permafrost, is releasing GHGs in the arctic: New studies on abrupt thaw suggest that permafrost will play a more significant role in GHG emissions than previously believed . However, it’s affects are small compared to the burning of fossil fuels throughout the world […]

Indonesia’s Jokowi warns of economic calamity from forest fires

by Arys Aditya and Yoga Rusmana, Bloomberg Highlights: Wildfires in Indonesia prompted school closures and disruptions to ocean and air travel last year, which may have cost Indonesia $5.2 billion in economic losses An estimated 709 million tons of carbon dioxide was released due to last years fire season Indonesian President Jokowi ordered a permanent […]

Washington State looks to a ban on new gas vehicles

by Danny Westneat, Seattle Times Highlights: The idea of banning new gas cars, formerly seen as too aggressive and radical, is picking up steam in Washington state: Ten Washington legislators introduced House Bill 2515, which aims to ban the registration of any new gas-powered passenger or light-duty trucks, starting ten years from now, in 2030 […]

Gov. Newsom should invest in clean transportation. It will make California healthier

by Bill Magavern, CalMatters Highlights: Governor Gavin Newsom should cut diesel pollution as fast as possible Even though California is leading the nation in the advancement of clean transportation technologies, cars account for the largest greenhouse gas emissions Solutions to the California emissions problem include: deployment of more EVs, more pedestrian and bike paths in […]

The water protection industry employs more people than coal or steel. Trump is changing that.

by Nick Mott, NPR Highlights: An estimated half of wetlands across the country and 18% of streams will not have federal protection with the new rollback of water regulation The wetland mitigation industry fears their jobs could be lost due to these new environmental rollbacks  Many wetlands have been restored with the help of “mitigation […]

Nordic steel giant to use renewable hydrogen to produce fossil-free steel by 2026

by Michael Mazengarb, Renew Economy Highlights: Swedish Steel is working towards using renewable hydrogen to decarbonize their industrial steel process by 2026 A shift to renewable hydrogen could reduce Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions up to 7% and Sweden’s emissions up to 10% Steel manufacturing is one of the world’s largest consumers of fossil fuels, and […]

Corporate clean energy buying leapt 44% in 2019, sets new record

by BloombergNEF Highlights: Corporations bought a record amount of clean energy through power purchase agreements, or PPAs, in 2019, up more than 40% from the previous year’s record. The majority of this purchasing occurred in the United States. BloombergNEF’s 2020 Corporate Energy Market Outlook found that approximately 19.5GW of clean energy contracts were signed by […]

Want to do something about climate change? Follow the money

by Lennox Yearwood Jr. and Bill McKibben, NY Times Highlights: JPMorgan Chase is among the worst companies to aid the rapid warming of the earth by lending billions to gas and oil companies. “Wells Fargo lent over $151 billion, Citibank lent over $129 billion and Bank of America lent over $106 billion” and “JPMorgan Chase […]