Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti Credit: Global Climate Action Summit , Nikki Ritcher Photography

L.A.’s Mayor launches directive to advance L.A.’s Green New Deal


Mayor Eric Garcetti recently signed an Executive Directive, L.A.’s Green New Deal, which includes measures to:

  • Promote walking, bicycling and micro-mobility with a comprehensive Citywide network of active transportation corridors, including Class IV protected bike lanes, Class I paths along regional waterways, and Class III low-stress neighborhood bike improvements.  
  • Support Metro in the development of a Congestion Pricing pilot program.
  • Develop a series of bus and light rail infrastructure improvements — such as bus-only lanes, signal priority, and queue jumpers and accelerate the City’s bus fleet target to be entirely zero-emission by 2028.
  • Encourage city pension boards to explore divesting from fossil fuel companies and investing in the green economy.
  • Mandate that all new construction, major upgrades, and retrofits of municipally-owned buildings demonstrate a pathway to carbon neutrality.

The Climate Center’s rapid decarbonization campaign outlines a pathway to carbon neutrality by 2030 and becoming net carbon negative by 2035. The Climate Center supports several sustainable mobility measures similar to what Mayor Garcetti is endorsing.

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