As EV sales explode, Sonoma County is a model for ramping up incentives

by Doron Amiran, CCP The growth of EVs is exploding worldwide. With Over 4 million EVs sold to date, the question is not will combustion cars go the way of the landline, but when. A recent report by Bloomberg Financial shows that while the first million EVs took over 5 years to sell, the 4th […]

Sonoma County Ranked #1 Government Green Fleet in North America

by David Worthington, County of Sonoma  (CCP guest blog) |  Oct. 21, 2015 The County of Sonoma was recently recognized as the #1 Government Green Fleet in North America during the International Green Conference held at the Midwest Green Fleets Forum & Exposition in Columbus, Ohio. The annual awards program, established in 2008, recognizes the […]