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There is little evidence that mass transit poses a risk of coronavirus outbreaks

by Maxine Joselow, Scientific American Highlights Public transportation advocates say that transit can play a crucial role in the pandemic era by reducing air pollution that makes people more susceptible to COVID-19. Subways account for 76% less carbon emissions than the average vehicle carrying a single person More single-occupant vehicles on the road will have long … Read more

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London’s Covid-safe commute idea: Open-air buses

Free photo - ST-Picturedesign from pixabay

by Feargus O’Sullivan, Bloomberg Highlights With the pandemic still raging and people still fearing public transportation, London is considering using their open-air double-decker tour buses as a means of everyday transport This comes as 70% of Londoners polled say that they no longer feel comfortable commuting by public transit Few tourists are in the city … Read more