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Exxon touts carbon capture as a climate fix, but uses it to maximize profit and keep oil flowing

by Kevin Crowley and Akshat Rathi, Bloomberg Highlights Carbon captured by Exxon Mobil’s Shute Creek Treating Facility is being sold to other companies that are injecting the carbon into depleted oil fields to help produce more oil Exxon may have claimed hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits due to the tax credit that encouraged companies … Read more

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California oil production limits stall in Legislature, leaving the issue to Newsom

More than 95% of all Federal drilling occurs in established fields within the Kern County area of the San Joaquin Valley.

by Phil Willon, The Los Angeles Times Highlights Assembley Bill 345, legislation that would have mandated setbacks of oil drilling sites from homes, schools, and other community dwellings, was voted down 5-4 The bill would have also required the Department of Conservation to create an environmental justice progam where residents near drilling sites could voice their … Read more

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California is becoming the gas station of the Pacific Rim

gas station by sergio souza on pexels

by Ann Alexander, NRDC Highlights California has been importing more oil as its extraction in state has begun to wind down due to clean cars and fuel standards decreasing our need for oil Many argue that the import of oil from other countries is worse than drilling in state California has yet to pass a … Read more