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Study: Climate change is pushing giant ocean currents poleward

Wave by Emiliano Arano

by Bob Berwyn, Inside Climate News Highlights: Wind-driven ocean currents are moving towards the poles, causing impacts such as sea-level rise and storms. The shift in poles will affect sea-level rise on the East Coast of the US and disrupt salmon fishing waters on the West Coast Gyres, which are large systems of ocean currents, … Read more

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Global warming is speeding up Earth’s massive ocean currents- another mega-scale consequence of climate change

By Paul Voosen, Science Magazine And see here, The world’s oceans are speeding up — another mega-scale consequence of climate change Highlights: Ocean currents have been increasing in energy for the last few decades, which can affect jet streams, weather patterns, marine wildlife and the amount of heat stored in the ocean’s depths. Three-quarters of the … Read more