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The Arctic’s thawing ground is releasing a shocking amount of dangerous gases

Slump D is a massive retrogressive thaw slump on Herschel island, by Boris Radosavljevic found at https://flickr.com/photos/139918543@N06/24531601650

by Craig Welch, National Geographic Highlights: Abrupt thaw, the accelerated melting of permafrost, is releasing GHGs in the arctic: New studies on abrupt thaw suggest that permafrost will play a more significant role in GHG emissions than previously believed . However, it’s affects are small compared to the burning of fossil fuels throughout the world … Read more

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NASA has broken down all the disturbing ways 2019 smashed records

The sun sets on the Building 29 High Bay. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Michael Weiss

by Carly Cassella, Science Alert, January 21, 2020 Highlights: According to data from more than 20,000 weather stations and Antarctic research stations, 2019 was the second-hottest year ever recorded, beaten only by 2016 The earth has continually warmed since the 1960’s Since 1750, the global annual mean CO2 level has gone up by 46 percent Rapid … Read more

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Survey: 58% of Americans are now alarmed or concerned about climate change

No Planet B Protest

by Matthew Goldberg, Abel Gustafson, Seth Rosenthal, John Kotcher, Edward Maibach, and Anthony Leiserowitz, Climate Change Communications, January 16, 2020 Highlights: A study was performed to collect data on Americans’ belief in global warming ‘Nearly six in ten (58%) Americans are now either “Alarmed” or “Concerned” about global warming From 2014 to 2019, the proportion … Read more