The world’s most profitable hedge fund is now a climate radical

By Edward Robinson and Nishant Kumar, Bloomberg


British billionaire Chris Hohn of  TCI Fund Management is pushing companies to provide transparency on their carbon emissions and ultimately reduce their environmental impact.

  • Hohn is threatening to call on investors to fire managers and oust board members who do not make promises to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Hohn is also asking banks to stop lending to companies that are ignoring the climate crisis
  • Though Hohn is making calls for emissions reductions and has recently donated to the climate movement Extinction Rebellion, TCI still has investments in industries utilizing fossil fuels
  • Hohn believes that the economic risks of climate change are enormous

The Climate Center’s Business of Clean Energy program helps businesses find ways to become more climate-friendly.

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Jeff Bezos of Amazon Inc. commits $10 billion for climate solutions

By Karen Weiss, The New York Times


  • Jeff Bezos announced a new initiative titled the Bezos Climate Fund that aims to fund scientists, activists and non-governmental organizations– after being pushed by employees to address the climate crisis
  • Amazon recently committed to a climate pledge, aiming to become carbon neutral by 2040– ten years ahead of the Paris Accord target
  • Though important strides have been made, Amazon employees continue to urge the company to stop working with fossil fuel companies on computing and cloud storage

The Climate Center’s Business of Clean Energy program helps businesses find ways to become more climate-friendly.

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