The first major long-duration storage procurement has arrived


  • Eight of California’s community choice agencies have published a request for offers seeking 500 megawatts of long-duration storage capacity, helping the state meet its need for 1 gigawatt of long-duration storage by 2026
  • Long-duration storage allows resources like wind and solar to provide power for longer periods of time
  • There is no firm definition of what “long-duration” storage can be, but examples range from 4 to 150 hours
  • Eligible projects must provide at least 50 megawatts of power capacity, be able to provide power for 8 hours, and be functional by 2026
  • California needs 40 gigawatts of long-duration storage by 2045 in order to meet the states carbon-free electricity goals

Community Choice Energy can be one of the most powerful ways to accelerate the transition from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy sources. The Climate Center has helped Community Choice expand throughout the state, resulting in cleaner energy for 11 million Californians.

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California gets another 100MW battery project as competition with gas peakers heats up

by Julian Spector, Greentech Media


Community choice agency (CCA) Clean Power Alliance, which provides power for Los Angeles and Ventura counties, has contracted a deal with sPower to build a 100-megawatt battery storage facility.

  • This is the first CCA to contract a 100 MW battery system
  • This battery size is equivalent to the largest battery in the world by megawatt capacity 
  • Titled the Luna Storage Facility, the project will cost $100 million dollars and use labor from the nearby town of Lancaster
  • Southern California is retiring it’s coastal gas plants due to environmental regulations from the State. The introduction of new battery facilities will help replace these plants and store energy created by renewable sources
  • The battery will help bring more clean energy into evening and night time energy use,  a time where fossil fuel use is higher due to lack of access of renewables once solar is offline
  • The project is expected to be online by August 2021
  • Clean Power Alliance Executive Director Ted Bardacke wants to finish the  project quickly to show that battery plants can reliably take over the peak-power role from gas peakers

Community Choice Energy can be one of the most powerful ways to accelerate the transition from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy sources, and The Climate Center is working to spread it throughout California for a climate-safe future. We are especially focused on establishing Community Choice in the Central Valley, where the impacts of a fossil fuel economy are most acute.

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