Below are communities with commitments to accelerated climate action timelines:

  • Takoma Park, MD has a very aggressive goal, in keeping with Montgomery County’s goals – 80% reduction in GHG emissions by 2027 and 100% reduction by 2035.


Catalog of Sustainability actions – great outreach document:

  • Santa Monica, CA:  commits to achieving an 80% reduction in emissions below 1990 levels by 2030; they don’t seem to have a firm date for carbon neutrality – just before 2050

Climate Action Plan:

  • Petaluma, CA has a Climate Emergency Framework recommending that the city achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

Website with Emergency Framework and list of action items:

The plan establishes a community-wide goal of carbon neutrality by 2035, adopts sector-specific goals, and provides foundational actions to establish a trajectory towards achieving those goals.

      • 2030 Mitigation Only Target –   40% below 1990 level
      • 2030 Mitigation + Sequestration Target  – 60% below 2005 level
      • 2045 Target  – Carbon Neutral 2030

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