Amplify the Campaign on Social Media

You can build support for the Climate-Safe California campaign.

A graphic from The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California social media toolkit, with talking points and graphics to get you started.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Use our Climate-Safe California social media toolkit to see relevant hashtags, handles, messages and images for writing posts that will spread the word about the Climate-Safe California campaign.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and use our #ClimateSafeCA hashtags in your posts to help amplify our message on these platforms.

About the Climate-Safe California campaign

Endorsed by 2,000 businesses, elected officials, nonprofits, and individuals, The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California campaign offers climate solutions at the speed and scale that science demands. California has the tools and the know-how to remove more climate pollution than we emit by 2030. The Climate-Safe California campaign is a framework for getting it done. Together we can lead the way to a climate-safe future for all while creating thousands of jobs and building a more equitable clean energy economy.