The effects of climate change are hitting us harder and faster than ever before. With 9 of 15 global tipping points activated, what we do today can either unleash an inhospitable hothouse Earth or secure a safe climate. Although numerous organizations have been working on climate for many years, the speed at which the crisis is growing surpasses current efforts. We urgently need to make climate policy progress commensurate with the worsening climate reality. 

The Climate Center, with its mission of speed and scale greenhouse gas reductions, is working collaboratively to do just that through Climate-Safe California. Our vision is that by 2025, California will have enacted the bold policies required by science to dramatically reduce emissions, start drawdown and secure resilient communities by 2030, inspiring global action.

Theory of Change: How we are executing our vision

By building a powerful coalition of climate advocates, we will influence policymakers and ensure that the bold, timely, and equitable policy solutions required by the latest science are implemented. These new policies and investments will unleash innovation and channel market forces, making climate-friendly choices easier for everyone- from individuals to large corporations and governments– putting us solidly on the path to dramatic greenhouse gas reductions and a vibrant, healthy future for all. 

We focus on policy because it works

A global example

Norway moved up its timeline by nearly two decades to set a goal for achieving carbon-neutrality by 2030 and has addressed transportation sector emissions through government incentives to encourage widespread electric vehicle adoption. By 2025, all new cars sold in Norway will be zero-emission vehicles. As of last year, almost 60% of all new vehicles sold were electric, demonstrating how policy drives market forces.

The Climate Center example

We mobilized community activists, businesses, and local governments up and down California to help establish Community Choice electricity agencies (CCAs). There are now 23 CCAs serving 88% clean energy to over 11 million Californians or one-quarter of the state. We are proud of our key contributions to rapidly reducing electricity sector emissions in the world’s 5th largest economy.

Our Campaign – the Theory of Change in action

Marrying our Theory of Change with the Climate-Safe California campaign, provides a powerful solution to the climate crisis starting in California, inspiring other states and nations to accelerate urgently needed climate action.

 Making climate-friendly choices should be easy for everyone. This is the only way to solve the crisis:  EVERYONE participates. Together we will secure a healthy, vibrant, equitable, and climate-safe future!  


Read more about our Climate-Safe California campaign here, and our Theory of Change here (5-page introduction) and here (20-page analysis). 

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