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How changes brought on by coronavirus could help tackle climate change

Working from home. Image from Pikrepo.

by Glen Peters, The Conversation


  • Carbon emissions are dropping due to reduced energy consumption, but previous financial crises and events have led to lower emissions only temporarily. At best, a financial crisis delays emissions growth a few years. 
  • So far forecasts still indicate the global economy will grow in 2020. For example, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) downgraded estimates of global growth in 2020 from 3% (made in November 2019) to 2.4% (made in March 2020). The International Monetary Fund has indicated similar declines, with an update due next month.
  • Under the worst-case OECD forecast, the global economy in 2020 could grow as little as 1.5%. All else equal, this would lead to a 1.2% decline in carbon dioxide emissions in 2020.
  • While air travel accounts for 2.6% of global emissions, fears of becoming sick due to air travel may discourage people from flying for months or even years if the virus persists. 
  • The quick widespread adoption of working-from-home to avoid exposure could be longer lasting than the pandemic itself, leading to long-term emissions reductions
  • There is an opportunity to invest government stimulus money in lasting structural changes for reduced emissions after economic growth returns

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