SCP_Logo2Stand up to support CLEAN POWER in your city!

Sonoma Clean Power, a local program that buys and generates electrical power for residents and businesses, was approved by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for the unincorporated part of Sonoma County on April 23. Now the question comes to local cities.

Do you want a choice about how your electrical power is generated? You won’t have a choice unless your city votes “yes.”

Tell your representatives you want:
• Choice
solar installer• Jobs and an economic boost by emphasizing local power
• Clean local power

Tell your city, “Give us a choice!

1. Please show up when Sonoma Clean Power will be on council agendas.

Santa Rosa – July 9, 4:00 pm
Sonoma – July 15, 6:00 pm

2.  Sign the online petition.

3.  Call and/or email your elected representatives and let them know you want a choice. Urge them to participate in Sonoma Clean Power.

4.  Write a letter to the editor of the Press Democrat or your local paper.

For more information contact Woody Hastings at 707-525-1665 ext. 117 or


Contact Addresses for City Council Members


Mayor Mark Landman,

Vice Mayor John Dell’Osso,

John Moore,

Susan Harvey,

Wendy Skillman,


Mayor Ken Brown,

Tom Rouse, Mayor Pro Tem, 

David Cook,

Laurie Gallian,

Steve Barbose,


Mayor Michael Kyes,

Robert Jacob, Vice Mayor,

John Eder,

Sarah Glade Gurney,

Patrick Slayter,


Mayor Scott Bartley,

Vice Mayor Erin Carlstrom,

Ernesto Olivares,

Gary Wysocky,

Jake Ours,

Julie Combs,

Robin Swinth,


Mayor Pam Stafford,

Vice Mayor Joseph T. Callinan,

Amy O. Ahanotu,

Gina Belforte,

Jake Mackenzie,


Mayor Joe Palla,

Carol Russell, Vice Mayor,

Bob Cox,

MaryAnn Brigham,

Mike Maacks,


Mayor David Glass,

Vice Mayor Chris Albertson,

Gabe Kearney,

Kathy Miller,

Mike Harris,

Mike Healy,

Teresa Barrett,


Sonoma Quality Power bann1.9 [Converted]

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