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AB 3107 (Connolly) Microgrid Study Bill

Technician installing a solar panel. Photo via Canva.

Microgrids provide clean, affordable, locally sourced energy to the communities they serve. They are a great tool to enhance reliability and alleviate stress on the electrical grid during emergency events like heat waves.

As originally introduced, AB 3107 would distinguish microgrids from electrical corporations. Instead of being subject to onerous regulations by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), microgrids would be overseen by local governments with support from the California Energy Commission (CEC). Removing this critical barrier would allow communities to develop new microgrid projects that can reduce costs and serve local energy needs across California. In the Assembly Energy Committee hearing on April 24, the bill was turned into a study bill. 

Committee location: (Updated 4/29/24) Assembly Appropriations Committee

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