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Electricity is busting a monopoly


Monopoly utilities have always dominated the electricity market, leaving us little to no choice in where we get the power for our homes. For another energy need, however, electricity is the upstart. 

Gasoline is the monopoly fuel for the transportation sector. But electricity is starting to stage a challenge.

Newly released sales figures show that automakers sold 41,000 plug-in vehicles in the U.S. in the first half of this year. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 15 million cars and trucks sold in this country each year, but it is more than double the number of electric cars sold last year.

To significantly address greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, doubling electric vehicle sales year over year is not nearly enough. EVs need to take off exponentially (while, of course, we also make enormous gains in greening the electricity supply).

I believe the EV market is about to launch into overdrive. There are now 14 models of plug-in cars on the market, with more coming soon. Plug-in hybrids can work for anyone, and all-electric cars are a great option as a second car for most two-car families – quiet, fun to drive, and cheap to fuel.

Have you taken a test drive yet?

   – Brad Heavner