Climate-Safe California

Simply put, Climate-Safe California is a bold suite of policies to address the climate crisis. Climate experts have called this a unique, urgently needed, and comprehensive campaign that will catalyze similar efforts in other states, the nation, and the world. See a summary at the bottom of this page and read more details here.


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An endorsement is a broad statement of support but does not commit you or your organization to any specific action or legislative initiative. We invite you to publicize your endorsement of Climate-Safe California on your website and social media channels.

Click here to read the full 3-page Climate-Safe California Endorsement Platform with science references.

See endorsers here. See recent slide presentation here: Climate-Safe California Oct 13 2021 The Climate Center 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stark reminder that we ignore the science at our own peril and early action saves lives. Your endorsement of Climate-Safe California, based on the latest science, is a public pledge of support for accelerated, aggressive climate policy by the state of California.

Organizational endorsements will be listed in support of Climate-Safe California but do not mean that your organization is endorsing any specific legislation.

Urgent action is required to ensure a safe and healthy future for all. There are dozens of scalable solutions available now to reverse the climate crisis. By demonstrating the bold policies required in the world’s fifth-largest economy, we will inspire other states and countries around the world to greater action for a climate-safe Earth. We welcome organizations and individuals to endorse below. Please share widely.                            

The climate crisis is here now, worse than anticipated, and accelerating, threatening all life. 

Massive reductions of warming emissions, with the start of drawdown from the atmosphere, are required by 2030 to prevent catastrophic impacts. 

California must step up its climate leadership to avoid increasingly dire consequences and inspire climate action worldwide.

Therefore, we/I endorse the Climate-Safe California campaign and call on the State of California to enact the following solutions:       

  1. No later than 2022, commit to accelerating existing state policy timelines to achieve 80% below 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions and net-negative emissions by 2030
  2. Secure a just transition for workers and their families whose livelihoods depend on fossil fuel industries, with comparable long-term jobs
  3. Close the climate gap when enacting climate-safe policies to ensure lower-income communities and communities of color are no longer disproportionately harmed, and have equitable access to climate-friendly solutions
  4. Enact by 2025 the suite of policies required by science to put us on track to net-negative emissions by 2030
    • Accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuel development, production, and use
    • Increase nature-based carbon sequestration
    • Invest in community resilience
    • Generate the funds needed for speed and scale climate action

Note: If you select “no” above and you have written in an organization, your organization may be listed as “for affiliation purposes only.”

Click here to read the full Climate-Safe California Platform with science references.

For more information on the Climate-Safe California campaign visit here and to learn about our strategy (Theory of Change), visit here.