Economic Impact of Community Choice Energy Procurement of Renewable Energy: San Joaquin Valley Case Study

June 29, 2017


Organized by the Center for Climate Protection, this free webinar features panelists Ben Foster and Ismael Herrera. Ben is the author of a new study of the economic impact of Community Choice Energy procurement of renewable energy in the San Joaquin Valley. Ismael is the Associate Director of Fresno State’s Office of Community and Economic Development. Ben will highlight his new study, and Ismael will describe some of the key economic dynamics in the region as they relate to Ben’s report. They will then answer questions from webinar participants.


  • Community Choice could serve nearly 2 million people in San Joaquin, Fresno, and Tulare Counties
  • If just 10% of CCE energy came from new, local solar sources, over 845MW of new projects would be  developed in 5 years
  • This level of deployment would create over 8,000 jobs and drive nearly $850M in new economic activity. It could also result in shutting down fossil energy generation, the holy grail for this area with some of the worst air quality in the nation.