Support Climate-Safe California, a bold $25 million campaign to enact the policies required by the science for a vibrant, equitable, and healthy future for all

Read more about Climate-Safe California here and click here to read the full platform with science references. For more information on the Climate-Safe California campaign visit here and to learn about our strategy (Theory of Change) to achieve these urgent goals, visit here. See a recent slide presentation here.

Kids want Climate Justice

Kids want Climate Justice

$25 million 

To fund Climate-Safe California, The Climate Center is raising $25 million, starting with securing $2 million by summer 2020. Funds are being used to hire expert staff and consultants; build and support a statewide, cross-sectoral Climate-Safe California partnership; develop science-based policies and legislation; engage opinion leaders; mobilize communities in strategically targeted districts; and launch a communications campaign.

The enormity and urgency of the climate crisis requires extraordinary efforts and extraordinary support. Per the UN climate science panel, every action matters, every year matters and every choice matters.

Thank you for joining our Climate-Safe California campaign to secure a vibrant, healthy, and equitable future for all!

To learn more about how you can support our urgent campaign, please contact Karen Barnes at Karenb @                                                                                                                                      


The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that we ignore the science at our own peril and early action saves lives. The latest climate science supports what millions of people around the world are experiencing daily: the impacts of climate change are hitting harder and faster than expected, posing grave threats to human health and well-being. Children, the elderly, and people living in low-income communities are disproportionately affected. Our only hope for a vibrant, healthy, and equitable future for all is to enact bold climate policies now, not decades from now. Based on the latest science, California must accelerate its climate leadership to avoid increasingly dire consequences in-state and inspire climate action worldwide.

“We don’t want to push the ‘on’ buttons of runaway global warming. The next decade is our window…with consequences for all future generations.” – Johan Rockström, PhD, Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impacts Research, December, 2019


Climate-Safe California is a powerful solution to the climate crisis. Climate experts have called this a unique, bold, urgently needed and comprehensive campaign that will catalyze similar efforts in other states, the nation and the world.     

The following suite of policies are built upon the latest science and climate reality. Massive reductions of warming emissions with initial drawdown of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere by 2030 are required to avoid catastrophic impacts. There are dozens of scalable solutions available now to reverse the climate crisis. By demonstrating the bold policies required in the world’s fifth largest economy, we will inspire other states and countries around the world to greater action for a climate-safe Earth.

  1. By no later than 2022, commit to accelerating existing state policies to achieve 80% below 1990 levels of GHG emissions and net-negative emissions* by 2030
  2. Secure a just transition for workers and their families whose livelihoods depend on fossil fuel industries
  3. Close the climate gap when enacting climate-safe policies to ensure lower-income communities and communities of color are no longer disproportionately harmed and have equitable access to climate-friendly solutions.
  4. Enact by 2025 the suite of policies required by science to put us on track for net-negative emissions by 2030
    • Accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuel development, production and use**
    • Increase carbon sequestration***
    • Invest in community resilience
    • Generate the funds needed for speed and scale climate action                                                         

The cornerstone of our Climate-Safe California campaign is a diverse coalition of powerful climate leaders and advocates including local governments, workers, business, nonnprofits and communities from across the state (read about our strategy or Theory of Change here). Together we will ensure that state policymakers lead on climate and enact measures that unleash market forces and drive innovation for a clean energy future that all can participate in.

By demonstrating the bold policies required in the world’s fifth largest economy, we will inspire other states and countries around the world to greater action for a climate-safe Earth.

The Climate Center’s suite of decarbonization policies are all required to stay below 2C (3.7F) warming and avoid dangerous climate chaos. We need aggressive, equitable policies in place now so society can transition to a fossil-fuel free economy as quickly and safely as possible.”  – Carl Mears, PhD, UN climate scientist and member of The Climate Center’s Board of Directors

*California becoming a net carbon sink with sequestration of greenhouse gases greater than emissions, starting drawdown
**increasing clean mobility, energy, and buildings to achieve 80% below 1990 GHG emissions levels or 86 MMT CO2
***drawdown of 100+ MMT GHGs/year from the atmosphere by 2030

A decarbonized community for an equitable and climate-safe world

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(1) Locally-produced renewable energy, (2) Carbon-sequestering farmland, (3) Hospitals and other critical facilities with clean back-up power (4) Housing and other buildings with geothermal exchange, (5) Climate action funding, (6) Urban density near transit corridors, (7) Electric buses, trains, and cars, (8) Bicycle and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, (9) Energy storage for reliable and resilient microgrids, (10) Carbon-sequestering urban forest