Learn about the Climate-Safe California campaign here and please join us by endorsing it here for accelerated climate action that will also catalyze efforts globally. See why some of these visionaries are endorsing the campaign here.

Together we will secure a vibrant, healthy, and climate-safe future for all.

Affiliations are for identification purposes only.


Melanie Bagby, Councilmember, City of Cloverdale
Gina Belforte, Councilmember, City of Rohnert Park
Susan Ellenberg, Supervisor, County of Santa Clara
Cristina Medina Dirksen, Councilwoman, City of Marina
Debora Fudge, Town Councilmember, Town of Windsor
James Gore, Supervisor, County of Sonoma
Susan Gorin, Supervisor, County of Sonoma
Lynda Hopkins, Supervisor, County of Sonoma
Sudhanshu Jain, Planning Commissioner, City of Santa Clara
Anna Klovstad, Vice Mayor, Town of Truckee
David Kunhardt, Vice Mayor, Town of Corte Madera
Matthew Mahan, Councilmember-elect, City of San Jose
Jake Mackenzie, Vice Mayor of Rohnert Park
Carmen Ramirez, Mayor Pro Tem of Oxnard
Andrea (Andy) Pease, Councilmember, City of San Luis Obispo
Laura Sparks, City Councilmember elect, City of Cotati


Caryl Hart, California Coastal Commissioner
Veronica Jacobi, Candidate for California State Assembly
Marc Levine, Assemblymember, California State Assembly
Mike McGuire, California State Senator
Larry Rillera, California Energy Commission
Henry Stern, California State Senator
Holly J. Mitchell, California State Senate


Jared Huffman, California Congressmember
Mike Thompson, California Congressmember

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