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Tell Governor Newsom to accelerate equitable climate action now

Rally for climate, jobs, and justice. Photo by Michael Short / Greenpeace

As the world’s fourth-largest economy and the second-largest state contributor to U.S. climate pollution, California has a responsibility to lead on climate. Governor Newsom has the unique power to reduce pollution, create jobs in the clean energy economy, and save lives. If he takes several key steps over the coming months, we have a shot at achieving and exceeding our state goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and securing reliable, clean electricity.

Off-the-chart, deadly climate extremes are wreaking havoc around the world, impacting those least responsible for the climate crisis the most. The devastating wildfires in Maui bring back painful memories for us in California, reminding us of what we all face going forward if we don’t do more, more equitably, much faster. We are in a climate emergency and we urgently need Governor Newsom to prioritize accelerated, equitable climate action.

Please join us in urging Governor Newsom to:

  1. Cut methane emissions, the fastest way to slow the climate crisis;
  2. Enhance the reliability of the power grid using the batteries in electric vehicles;
  3. Prioritize clean, distributed energy and microgrids, including in the climate bond proposal;
  4. Develop and start implementing a roadmap with annual milestones and targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  5. Eliminate tax breaks and incentives for oil and gas interests;
  6. Fast-track transportation and building decarbonization (eg EVs and heat pumps); and
  7. Invest more to scale up natural climate solutions.

What we do here in California will set an example for other states and nations. Governor Newsom has the opportunity to chart a course out of climate chaos not just for California, but for the world.

Tell Governor Newsom to accelerate climate action with these seven steps — send in your letter using the form below today.

After signing up, we’ll reach out with ways you can take action and organize in your community to make climate solutions a reality.