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Let’s bring down the heat

The Climate Center, with your increased support in 2016, will make a bigger impact on the climate crisis, sooner. We will:

Help more than 80 California cities and counties provide cleaner, locally controlled energy this year. California’s leaders know it’s a good idea and are looking for help to implement this change. The Climate Center has the knowledge and experience to inspire and guide them.

Encourage families and business owners to invest in solar energy. The Climate Center is demonstrating how to do this now in Sonoma County. This message needs to go statewide.

Help thousands of citizens switch to electric vehicles through our ride and drive events and our programs to expand charging networks.

Empower youth leaders to change their transportation habits. The Climate Center’s service learning program helps change how students get around.

Educate and support business leaders to save energy and money.The Climate Center has cost-effective green business solutions.

Scientists tell us that putting solutions in place in the next few years is critical. Chief among them is powering our homes, workplaces, and vehicles with clean energy. The The Climate Center incubates solutions, mobilizes support, and spreads success to get this job done.

Here is a note from one of our dedicated board members, Lawrence Jaffe, who has been supporting the Center and its efforts to reduce GHG emissions since 2006.

Stopping climate change needs to happen now. So I’m not waiting until the end of the hottest year in recorded history. Today I am doubling my annual contribution to the The Climate Center.

Sonoma County’s emissions dropped an astounding 14 percent over the last decade. That’s a great achievement in a growing economy. And yet, we still have a long road to travel. We need to slash another million tons of greenhouse gases. And more.

Today, I am contributing to accelerate the Center’s transportation solutions, the largest goal looming on the horizon. Transportation creates over half of all emissions. The The Climate Center is launching a program to shift people into electric vehicles. This is the biggest, fastest way we can lower emissions, and inspire hundreds of cities and counties to do the same.

Let’s not wait another day to create a future free of fossil fuels, where residents and businesses share the benefits of cleaner energy.final-lawrence1

Join me today and double your impact for 2016 now!

Lawrence Jaffe
Board Member

P.S. Double your commitment today to transform urgency into solutions this year.