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Bhutan on Your Bucket List?


Larry Robinson, CCP Board

Carbon-offsetting journey to benefit The Climate Center:

Board member Larry Robinson is offering an intimate and unique tour of Bhutan, the last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas and the world’s only carbon negative country. Larry is organizing this trip for just fifteen lucky travelers as a benefit for The Climate Center.

The experience takes place in October 2017 and will provide insight into:

The people and their livelihoods— some lodged in the 16th century and some as current as today.

Geography— from the temperate midlands into the foothills of the Himalayas, across rivers and through forests.

An amazing culture— the unique aspects of Tibetan Buddhism and its manifestations in all Bhutanese life.

Stunning arts and architecture— from exquisite mandalas on walls and thankas to the arrangement of buildings in an ancient monastery, the beauty of Bhutan will astound you.bhutan flag

The emerging government— how does this small constitutional monarchy focus on Gross Domestic Happiness, balancing the needs for modernization and economic growth with the urgency of environmental protection, while hovering between political and economic giants China on the north and India to the south?

Join Larry to learn the answers first hand.

Meet with government officials and religious leaders and speak with everyday Bhutanese people. Travelers will walk to villages, hike through rice paddies and native vegetation, climb hillsides to visit ancient fortress/monasteries and be immersed in a land both foreign and welcoming._1240470


Included in your trip cost is a carbon offsetting contribution to The Climate Center.

Click here to download the trip’s itinerary and learn more about the trip’s logistics.

Questions? Contact Kristin Berger, Kristin@theclimatecenter.org, 707-525-1665, x123.