The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) updated Scoping Plan, the state’s five-year climate blueprint, will play a key role in determining the direction of California’s climate policy. The actions we take now are critical for securing a climate-safe future. California must lead the way with bold, accelerated, and equitable climate policies. 

Unfortunately, CARB staff have recommended a path for achieving carbon neutrality by 2045, requiring little immediate action to reduce climate pollution this decade. CARB’s plan also relies on expensive and failed carbon capture and storage technologies that will perpetuate fossil fuel pollution and environmental injustice. 

The science is clear: 2045 is simply too late. California can and must achieve net-negative emissions by no later than 2035 for the world to have a chance at securing a stable climate. Caving to fossil fuel lobbyists is a dead end.

Join us in urging the California Air Resources Board to:

  • Commit to reaching carbon neutrality no later than 2035;
  • Cut greenhouse gas pollution by 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030; and
  • Establish an ambitious goal of sequestering 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide on our natural and working lands by 2030.

That’s how we’re going to protect our communities from worsening climate disasters and build a thriving, healthy California.

CARB is taking public comments right now before releasing an updated draft Scoping Plan in November. Use the form on this page to take action today!