The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) updated Scoping Plan will play a key role in determining the direction of California climate policy for the next few years. The actions we take this decade are critical for securing a climate-safe future and California must lead the way with bold, accelerated, and equitable climate policies. Right now, CARB is considering several timelines for moving California to carbon neutrality, but they’re far too slow. CARB staff have recommended a path that delays achieving carbon neutrality until 2045, requiring little to no immediate action to reduce climate pollution. Even worse, CARB’s plan relies on expensive and failed carbon capture and storage technology that will perpetuate fossil fuel pollution and environmental injustice. 

The science is clear. California can and must achieve carbon neutrality by at least 2035 to have a chance at securing a stable climate. Listening to fossil fuel corporations over scientists and advocates is not the answer.

California can lead by accelerating an equitable transition to clean energy and using cost-effective, proven, natural carbon sequestration solutions. We can protect California communities from toxic fossil fuel pollution and climate impacts like extreme heat and fires — all while building a healthy and just California for all.

There’s a narrow window of opportunity between now and June to influence CARB’s decision and they need to hear from you. Tell the California Air Resources Board that California must reach carbon neutrality by 2035 or sooner! See additional information below.