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Climate, equity, and gas prices in California

Gas prices have been surging over the past two months across California, with average prices of about $1.20 more per gallon than the rest of the country. About $0.35 of that cannot be explained by taxes or other fees — but it could be explained by market manipulation. Just five corporations control over 90 percent … Read more

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Welcome remarks from the 2023 California Climate Policy Summit

Welcome to the 2023 California Climate Policy Summit!  Thank you for being here today. It is inspiring to see so many climate activists and leaders from across the state — from environmental and environmental justice organizations, from local government, from the faith and healthcare communities, from business and labor — welcome! Thank you for being … Read more

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The UN global climate meeting is around the corner

United Nations by John Samuel

As goes California, so goes the world. With our state poised to overtake Germany as the fourth-largest economy in the world, it’s even more essential for Sacramento policymakers to attend the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt in two weeks. There, they can learn from other pioneers and first-adopters, share California’s progress, … Read more

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Testimony: Support for the Natural Carbon Sequestration and Resilience Act of 2022

On June 14, 2022, the Natural Carbon Sequestration and Resilience Act (AB 2649, C. Garcia) passed out of the California Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee with bipartisan support. AB 2649 will make California the first state in the nation to set statutory goals for naturally removing past climate pollution from the atmosphere, while also … Read more

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Testimony: California urgently needs to set statutory goals for naturally removing carbon from the atmosphere

Ellie Cohen CA Climate Policy Summit

On April 25, 2022, the Assembly Natural Resources Committee voted 7-3 to advance the Natural Carbon Sequestration and Resilience Act (AB 2649, C. Garcia). AB 2649 will make California the first state in the nation to set statutory goals for naturally removing past climate pollution from the atmosphere, while also making the state more resilient … Read more

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Welcome to our newest board members!

Jean S. Fraser, Elliot Hinds, and Susan Longville

Three new members have joined The Climate Center Board of Directors to advance our mission of rapidly reducing climate pollution at scale. We’re thrilled to welcome Jean S. Fraser, Chief Executive Officer for the Presidio Trust; Elliot Hinds, a partner in the Corporate Practice Group; and Susan Longville, a water policy analyst who has worked … Read more

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Don’t mourn, organize: What I learned as an official observer at COP26

Global Day of Action, climate march through the streets of Glasgow

What an invigorating, inspiring, challenging, and frustrating ten days in Glasgow for the United Nations annual global climate summit, COP26. There were almost 40,000 people registered and up to 10,000 there any single day, even with attendance limited due to COVID. People from all over the world came together to share their stories of climate … Read more

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The Climate Center Recognized as Official Observer NGO to the UN Climate Meetings! Follow us at COP26 in Glasgow

United Nations

We are thrilled that The Climate Center has been recognized as an official Observer NGO to the United Nations global climate meetings. This year’s conference, called COP26, will be held in Glasgow, Scotland from November 1-12, 2021. I’ll be there to learn from other climate champions and share our vision for a Climate-Safe California on … Read more

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Climate voters showed up for Governor Newsom, now it’s time for him to show up for us

State of the State Protest in Sacramento

It’s official: Governor Newsom has survived the recall attempt.  Climate voters mobilized by the millions in this election. When we cast our ballots, we voted for action to address the wildfires, toxic smoke, drought, and intense heat waves that have wreaked havoc across California this summer. With the recall behind him, it’s up to Governor … Read more

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Ann Hancock stepping down after two decades of extraordinary climate leadership

I’m deeply saddened to share that Ann Hancock, co-founder of The Climate Center and climate activist extraordinaire, will be stepping down from her formal leadership staff position to attend to her husband’s serious health issues. We will miss her voice, smarts, and wit as she puts her full attention to supporting her spouse.   With a … Read more