What you can do to reverse the climate crisis

Use your money for good

Contact your elected representatives

  • See a list of actions you can take by asking electeds to support a climate-safe future here
  • Ask your Town Council to develop, implement and fund a Community Energy Resilience Plan and Climate Action Plan and to amend their General Plan to streamline solar, storage, and EV charging on public streets

Change the way you get around

  • Make your next car an EV and plan to use it as a backup power source
  • Use mass transit and/or try an electric bike or scooter for your commute
  • Set up a transportation share program with neighbors
  • Reduce airplane travel and enjoy staycations

Decarbonize your home

  • Purchase or lease solar, wind, or 100 percent green power through your power provider
  • Insulate your home
  • Install insulating windows and doors
  • Switch to electric stoves, hot water heaters, and heat pumps
  • Replace lights with LED bulbs
  • Have a home energy use assessment
  • Line-dry your clothes
  • Use low-flow water faucets, showers, toilets 

Change your buying and eating habits

  • Buy locally grown, regeneratively grown food
  • Avoid industrially produced meats and foods
  • Consume less, reuse more and repair instead of replacing goods — refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce your waste

  • Compost food waste 
  • Bring your own mugs and food containers wherever you go

Sequester carbon in the garden

  • Plant drought-resistant, carbon-friendly gardens; cover bare soil

Engage others on climate

  • Engage young people
  • Join the Climate Strikes and other community actions
  • Start a neighborhood response group