Investing in Climate Action for Jobs, Health, and Equity

Webinar Series Beginning November 2021

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The head of the United Nations called the UN’s latest IPCC report a “code red” warning for humanity. His message: act on climate change now or pay the price for years to come. In the midst of record-breaking fires, drought, floods, and extreme heat, it is clear that massive investments will be required to ensure a climate-safe future for California. Creating a prosperous, zero-carbon economy for the state presents enormous opportunities, including economic and job benefits, community benefits through creating more equity and resilience and improving health outcomes, and through protecting our agricultural industry and restoring wildlands. This series will bring together diverse experts and policymakers to discuss how much we need to invest, what the areas are for priority for investment, and what returns can we expect.

Webinar #2: Maximizing Benefits from Climate Investments

Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 10 to 11:30 AM PST

Hear from policymakers, economists, and business leaders as they discuss the levels of investment needed to accelerate climate action in California. This webinar will explore the routes to achieving more ambitious climate goals and outline the economic and health benefits of investing in bold, equitable climate solutions. 

Webinar #3: Investing in Sustainable Mobility – January 2022

California’s transportation system is fossil fuel and automobile dependent. What sort of investments are needed to create a 21st century transportation system that can provide equitable access to work and play, while drastically reducing climate pollution from cars, trucks, and buses? It will not be enough to simply invest in more electric vehicle chargers. We need a comprehensive approach that provides a range of sustainable transportation options for individuals, commuters, and freight.

Webinar #4: Investing in Workers for a Fossil Fuel-Free World – February 2022

As we move towards a cleaner and more equitable future, we need to ensure that workers who make a living extracting and refining oil and gas, and maintaining the aging fuel and transportation infrastructure, have the opportunity to continue to support their families and communities. We will hear from labor leaders and economists about what investments are needed to ensure that the workers do not bear an undue burden as we phase out fracking and oil extraction in California.

Webinar #5: Investing in Clean Community Energy Resilience – March 2022

Californians know the costs we bear when fires rage, or the lights go out. How can we invest in an electricity grid that addresses the critical needs of communities and businesses, while solving the climate crisis instead of exacerbating it? This webinar will tackle the challenge of creating communities with greater and cleaner energy resilience, by asking what level of investment we need, how we can secure it, and what are the challenges and benefits to this approach?

Webinar #6: Investing in Building Electrification for a Climate Safe Future – April 2022

Experts agree that a key strategy to address the climate crisis must be to shift from dirty natural gas to cleaner, renewably-generated electricity.  This webinar will focus on the investments necessary to decarbonize our homes, offices and factories.

Webinar #7: Investing in Farmers Who Sequester Carbon –  May 2022

Farmers and ranchers can and should be a big part of the solution to the climate crisis, as they have the opportunity to sequester massive amounts of carbon through natural means.  Hear policy makers, activists, and farmers discuss how we can ensure that they can successfully manage the transition towards more resilient farming and ranching practices.

Webinar #8: Climate-Safe California Annual Policy Summit – June 2022

We will wrap up our webinar series with our annual policy summit, in which we convene with legislators and policymakers to learn about and actively advocate for the policies that will accelerate the bold investments required for a Climate Safe California.

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