We can do this!

As we embark on a new decade, we are at the precipice of possible climate disaster. But we are also at a unique moment full of opportunity and hope! 

With your partnership, we will make 2020 a banner year for positive climate action. Together we will galvanize key policymakers to begin enacting the bold vision needed to secure a clean, affordable, resilient, equitable, and safe future for ALL Californians.

A decarbonized community for an equitable and climate-safe world

A decarbonized community for an equitable and climate-safe world

(1) Locally-produced renewable energy, (2) Carbon-sequestering farmland, (3) Hospitals and other critical facilities with clean back-up power (4) Housing and other buildings with geothermal exchange, (5) Green banks, (6) Urban density near transit corridors, (7) Electric buses, trains, and cars, (8) Bicycle and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, (9) Energy storage for reliable and resilient microgrids, (10) Carbon-sequestering urban forest

We must accelerate rapid decarbonization. And we must start now.

A top priority for this year is to begin the process for securing a formal state commitment to 80% below 1990 levels of emissions and carbon neutrality by 2030, as well as net negative emissions by 2035. We will also begin building a statewide network to:

  1. Reach 100% clean, distributed, and resilient energy production and storage by 2030, prioritizing lower-income communities; we must also phase out all fossil fuel subsidies, production, and refinement, and electrify all new and remodeled buildings as well as enhance the efficiency of all existing buildings by 2030
  2. Achieve 80% sustainable mobility by 2030, including enacting a phase-out of  fossil fuel-powered vehicles no later than 2025
  3. Sequester 100 million+ metric tons of CO2e per year by 2030 by scaling up healthy soils and vegetation management and restoration on ~25 million acres
  4. Fund implementation of resilience measures in every community by 2025, for climate emergency preparedness and response to growing extremes from fire to sea level rise, starting in the most disadvantaged, vulnerable communities 
  5. Enact multiple green financing mechanisms to generate the funds required to pay for these urgent efforts no later than 2025 

With your support, we will build on our network of partners in business, government, labor, nonprofits, health professionals, scientists, and local communities to formally launch the Rapid Decarbonization Campaign in 2020!

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